House Farnwasserinne

In this house, are all thoughts and geheimnisse of Alas bin Canasta and Lady Cerina. 

It is hoped that the visitor will find here much to give them thought, much to learn. We have husbandrye of the animals such as coney, hens, and goats, stewardship of the soil and husbandrye of the plants thereon. And the way peculiar to our house, of making arwes and weppons, and the variety of machines as we make and make use of.

If it please, here the parts of the haus be presented:

Husbandrye of Coneys
Husbandrye of Hens
Husbandrye of Plants
Husbandrye of Fisshes
Stewardship of Ye Earth
The Making of Arwes Pikes and Weppons
Of Cloth and Shues
Of Hearth and Table

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