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Faroc Enterprises has been around since the mid 90's.  In that time it achieved success in IT support, computer hardware sales and support, a range of handcraft products, publishing and web publishing, green and sustainable activities including permaculture farming, rabbit farming, and rabbit stud breeding, and we are now making a range of art, jewellery, and steampunk items at Ours From The Heart Art.

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After falling ill (and writing up my health recovery diet and making it available online for FREE) and retiring, Kerina and I married in Victoria, a state in Australia almost clear across the country from where I'd lived for decades. It's been the best decision of my life...

In the intervening years, I'd done IT work when able to, dug vegetable gardens and tended them, honed my cooking skills, raised animals, made heaps of the equipment I needed for my various projects,and always learned to work smarter rather than harder. (Because illness makes it impossible to put out extended effort, I have had to learn that, if I wanted to attain results without gasping like a landed fish.)

This site is now mainly going to be concerned with the homesteading efforts of Kerina and myself, and the things we found to make our workload easier, our productive efforts more productive, and keep some of our monetary resources in our pocket rather than spending everything on  living expenses. It's definitely not "frugal" lifestyle, not as extreme as "survivalist/prepper," and it's definitely not been allowed to become sheer hard work with no rewards at the end.

I'll place a register of links just below here, so that you can easily find all the pages Kerina and I have put up around the place, links where you can get all my E-Books for FREE, links to things we handmake and sell online, recipe blog I maintain, and a whole lot more. I hope you enjoy the site!

Over the years I've written a fair bit, and it's all spread between blogs and sites and E-Books. This should help put you on the track of a few of those sites.
  • Ours From The Heart Art Site.
    Kerina and I make handmade Jewellery and small artwork pieces, all the way from conventional to outre, all very affordable, environmentally friendly as we recycle a lot of things that would otherwise get thrown out, and guaranteed to be unique talking points. The website is just a general catch-all for links to the online shopping etc.
  • Ours From The Heart Art Etsy.
    The things are mainly for sale via Etsy at the above link, but we also take email orders if you prefer.
  • Ours From The Heart Art Facebook.
    The Facebook page has some of the things we produce, and a link to the Etsy shop, and we also take orders on Facebook.
  • Body Friendly Zen Books Site.
    My E-Books are available for download here, they're free to have and share (conditions apply to sharing) and eventually this site will have health books, cooking books, recipes in E-Book format, gardeing and homesteading tips and info, and more. I'm busy doing things with the homestead but also spend a considerable amount of time writing things up. If you find these FREE books helpful or amusing or entertaining and would like to encourage me, there's a link to Paypal on that page where you can donate an amount of your choice. 
  • Body Friendly Zen Books Facebook.
    As I find news stories about food, medical and popular studies done about food, and recipes etc, I place them all on this Facebook page (which has several co-admins) and that's the place to go for the latest food and health news.
  • TEdAMENU Tuckertime Recipe Blog.
    Recipes for healthy, DELICIOUS eating. 'Nuff said...
  • TEdALOG Lite II General Blog.
    I may revive this blog and begin posting here again - feeling the need to write down exciting stuff as I find it out, general stuff as it occurs to me.
  • Faroc Enterprises.
    The website where I put whatever projects I'm currently working on, most often these days small constructions and / or garden projects, some writings, some links - a catch-all. 
  • Newsletter Signups.
    You can subscribe to either of our newsletters here to keep abreast of what's going on:
    Newsletter for Ours From The Heart
    Newsletter for Body Friendly Zen Books

Contact me: email me on teddlesruss@gmail.com or phone me on +61409249807 if you have any questions, suggestions, or whatever.


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Ours From The Heart Art Facebook

teddlesruss@gmail.com or +61409249807.

New pages to read! TEdAMENU Tuckertime blog.

FREE E-Books available for downloading!

And if you're looking for a faroc.com.au website that used to exist many years ago, I believe that site is no more.  You could try the wayback machine or some other web archive for pages there.